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A great man is HARD on HIMSELF, a small man is HARD on OTHERS.

Το αίνιγμα της ημέρας.

Τι σχέση έχει αυτή η επιτυχία με την Αθήνα;



Η απάντηση



3 Σχόλια to “Το αίνιγμα της ημέρας.”

  1. Και αυτό κάτι θυμίζει, κάνω λάθος;

  2. The Four Levels of Existence: an obscure progressive rock group of the 1970s. Singing in Greek but powerful in guitars and riffs. Practically unknown outside progressive rock cycles, until….
    A huge music hip-hop star (it is said that he is huge, don’t ask me)samples the guitar riff of one of their songs for his new single! The good point is that he heard them, and also that at least belatedly the members of the group will get rich from their rights and that more people may hear their music. The bad news is that their song is better than the one of Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West…


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